Chapter Membership

If you are interested in becoming a chapter member, simply come to our general meetings and pay your $15 chapter membership fee. Check out our Get Involved section to find out when we host general meetings.

Chapter member benefits include:
  • Professional development to help you get an internship.
  • Academic support
  • Social network growth.
  • Community service.
  • Attend conferences and retreats .
  • Network with professionals in the tech, health, and engineering industry.

National Membership

Apply online at to become a National Member, and register with our chapter. $10 annual fee.

SHPE National Member Benefits include some of the following:
  • Access to various scholarships, internships, and fellowships.
  • Professional, career, & leadership training
  • Competition opportunities to test and refine your academic and technical talent
  • Networking opportunities with high profile professionals, fellow students, corporate representatives and SHPE leaders
  • And much more...